Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Wedding Ceremony

These are some of my favorite photos from my wedding day. Not everyone present is represented, and while there is some order, it may not be perfect. Enjoy!

My dad Chris and my brother Mitchell getting into their tuxes.
I like this photo because it is one of the first ones taken and they are both so happy.

 This is one of the first photos of me, and I also look happy (thank goodness!) Just kidding - I was very excited at this point.

This is one of Than's first photos. He is drinking some liquid courage, courtesy of Pineau.

My brother walking my mother Janet down the aisle. I think he isn't smiling because he was nervous about going up and down the aisle so many times - I only had to go once, but he had to seat several people.

My mom and Than's mom (Frances) placing the sand ceremony containers. Fun fact: my mom is the same age as Fran's oldest daughter...

Than's face when he first saw me. He wrote me a haiku the month before the wedding about me walking down the aisle:

I spy a blue dress,
Then another and one more,
My heart leaps at white.

Than and I pouring sand during our sand ceremony. We didn't realize the sand was so fine and would make the smoke effect you see in the photo.

Donald Tallman singing Be Mine by David Gray. Donald is a professional tenor and the Executive Director of the Colorado Railroad Museum (why yes, that is where I work). His performance was outstanding and all we could think about was how much we wished we had asked for a second song!

My favorite photo of Than. He was teary-eyed from the moment I got up there and I had to keep looking around so I didn't start crying too.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

The Rehearsal Dinner

We held our wedding rehearsal the Friday before the wedding. After a brief and entertaining run-through at the Foothills Wedding Chapel, we caravaned over to Abrusci's Italian Restaurant for dinner. Here are some of my favorite photos from that day.

About 10 years ago Than traveled the world for a year with his friend Chris Tarr (on the far left). Chris currently lives in Singapore and Than figured there was no way he could make it to the wedding. When Chris decided he was definitely coming, we kept it from Than and turned it into a big surprise.

I like to compare these two photos. My bridesmaids and I are laughing hysterically, while Than and his groomsmen look nervous and/or bored... No, just kidding - I'm pretty sure the photographer snapped the shot at a weird moment. And we are laughing because the officiant started rapping a poem Amy was supposed to read, which everyone found hilarious. 

Practice kiss!
Toast at Abrusci's.
Long story short, the School of Mines had canceled a fireworks show because of fire danger, and rescheduled it for the Friday night before our wedding. In other words, there were fireworks after our rehearsal dinner...we like to pretend it was for us. :)