Sunday, August 21, 2011

The Last of the Great Bee Hunters

"The Last of the Great Bee Hunters" is a nickname my dad gave to our family dog. His full name is Russell Theodore Giebler, but in general we call him Rusty. Rusty loves to chase bees, which is pretty hilarious to watch. It is even more hilarious when he actually catches one and gets his tongue stung. Flies don't interest him, or grasshoppers, or birds, or beetles. Nope, it has to be a bee. A big bumbler that Rusty will stumble after, looking cross-eyed with his ears up as he tries to keep track of it. Aside from the bee slaughter, Rusty is a very mild-mannered dog. He is staying with us until Wednesday and I'm afraid Castor the cat has already attacked him. Castor is NOT mild-mannered. He is extremely territorial and will attack with no warning. This evening he ran at full force across the back lawn to intentionally jump on Rusty's head. This might make some sense of Castor had front claws (which he doesn't) , or if Rusty was only twice his size (he is more like 10 times bigger), but really it was more of a suicide mission. Rusty was unscathed, although I think the fact that Castor was trying to kill him and not just playfully romp around the yard hurt his feelings. Castor retreated behind a large bush, but has since emerged and is pacing the back screen door, growling. Rusty couldn't care less if there was a cat around, and things would be so much easier if Castor would just play nice. Damn cat... Here are a couple of my favorite photos of Rusty:

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