Sunday, August 28, 2011

USA Pro Cycling Challenge, Stage 6

The USA Pro Cycling Challenge came to Golden today, and it was awesome! Than and I walked to downtown view the race.
This was taken just after the start. Than was just barely able to photograph the last of the riders as they powered past us up Washington near CO-58.
We quickly raced over to 10th and Ford to watch the bikers as they raced back into town. The course was basically a figure eight, with the first half looping around North Table Mountain. It took 20 minutes for the riders to make the loop... it would probably take Than and me an hour to an hour and a half!
Still at 10th and Ford. At this point all of the riders were still together. 
As Than pointed out, this photo doesn't even begin to convey how fast these guys were going. 
For our 3rd and final glimpse (believe me, it was a glimpse!) we walked to 13th and Washington. I wanted to see the bikers corner. It took a bit longer for them to complete the second half of the figure eight - a quick climb up Lookout Mountain and then back down via CO-40, which runs parallel to I-70. Back through downtown Golden then straight down 32nd Ave into downtown Denver to cross the finish line. Than made a video of the second group of bikers as they turned onto 13th (32nd Ave). Check it out here.
And no trip would be complete if I didn't ride something. Of course, this happens to be a stegosaurus and riding it is a little tricky, especially when I am wearing a skirt and there are 10,000 innocent bystanders just to my left. SO, this will have to do. Here's to a freakin' awesome USA PCC - hopefully there will be many more years of this race to come.

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